Time has come to update your phone system, but you are not sure what would be the best option as your phone inventory is quite old already and costs a pretty penny to maintain. Don’t worry, the Microsoft Teams phone system is there to solve all your issues. This article will explain why the Microsoft Teams phone system is the best for your company.

Instant advantages of the Teams telephony

Less dependent on hardware

The main advantage of using the Teams phone system is that you do not need a physical phone. The only thing that Microsoft Teams need to make calls is your computer and a headset with a microphone. You can also use an integrated microphone if your computer has one or even a pair of Apple or Android headphones that have a microphone attached.

A simple and easy to use interface

The Microsoft Teams interface is simple and easy to use which will help your users to learn how to use it quickly. We offer onsite training sessions for users to help ease the introduction of new systems and to answer any questions that you could have.

Easy to manage and fully customizable

The Teams phone system is completely customizable to fit all your needs, whatever they may be. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about managing the system yourself as LKB 360 can manage the whole system in your stead. Let us know what you need, and we will set up the system to work as you want.

Teams advanced features

Call Queues

Call queues is a feature that allow you to create a group of users to which calls will be sent to, either all at the same time or in a predetermined order, which can be pretty useful in certain situations, such as in call centers or in a situation where several people occupy the same position and naybody can answer the call.

Automated Agents

It is possible to create automated agents in Microsoft Teams; these agents are automated answering machines that can offer options to people to direct them where they want to go.

Service Numbers

A service number is a special phone number designed for businesses that can be used for things that personal numbers cannot do. As an example, both automated agents and call queues use service numbers and while personal numbers can only receive a few calls simultaneously, service numbers can receive upwards of several hundred calls at the same time.

Microsoft Teams telephony: in conclusion

The Teams phone system is a specialized and highly customizable service geared towards businesses. Even if it seems complicated at first glance, the team here at LKB 360 can manage all of that for you. 

Microsoft Teams phone system is not the only thing that LKB 360 ne can manage for you, we offer plenty of other services to our clients : (insert links pointing to other blog posts)