You have surely heard that Microsoft ended Windows 7 extended support since January 14th 2020, which means that since then Microsoft doesn’t publish any new updates for Windows 7. If your company is still using computer running Windows 7, that means that you are at risk of a security breach and this risk will only grow overtime. Don’t worry, there is a way to fix this and to prevent any future security breaches, upgrade to Windows10. Better security is no the only advantage that Windows 10 grants, you will find below a list of other Windows 10 advantages.

Windows 10: A platform for all your needs

There are several different versions of Windows 10, and you should choose the one that fit your needs better. Whatever version you decide to choose you will get a better experience than any previous version of Windows.

Frequent updates

Microsoft publishes Windows 10 updates regular and frequent updates to make sure that it is as safe and secure as can be and to introduce new functionalities. Major updates introducing new functionalities are published twice a year while security and quality of life updates are deployed on a monthly basis.

Simple and intuitive use

Windows 10 graphical interface is similar to the one found on previous version of Windows and as such you will be able to pick it up quickly. On top of that, Windows 10 has a search function that is located directly in the taskbar that can be accessed at all time whatever you might doing at the moment. This search function allows you to find any file, documents and applications that are on your computer as well as doing an online search.

Near total control

Windows 10 is built to be easily managed and to be customizable to fit your needs. As an example, let say that you need all the computers in your company to restart at midnight each night to apply updates, this is something that can be easily done with the tolls integrated in Windows 10. On top of that, if you sign up with LKB 360 you will get the added advantage that we can take care of that part for you, you only need to tell us what you want.

Windows 10: in conclusion

Dans cet article nous avons couvert les aspects généraux en faveur d’une migration à Windows 10, c’est-à-dire la sécurité et la flexibilité offerte par le plus récent système d’exploitation offert par Microsoft.

In this article we covered the basis of why you should consider an upgrade to Windows 10, which can be summarized to better security and better flexibility all offered by the latest Microsoft operating system.
There is something else that we need to mention – the fact that if you sign up with LKB 360 we can plan and execute this migration in your stead as well as offer a lot of other services and products that are all compatible with Windows 10 : (insert links towards other blog posts)