Cloud storage and cloud hosting are terms that keep appearing more and more in the business world. In this article we will talk focus on cloud storage and what it can do for you and your data. Before we continue however, we need to specify what we mean by data. In this case it means all your files, documents, videos and pictures that you use daily in your business.

There is a multitude of cloud solutions available on the market, but in this article we will talk about Microsoft’s solution : SharePoint. You might have also heard of OneDrive as a cloud solution and wonder why we decided to focus on SharePoint, but we will see that SharePoint and OneDrive are closely linked.

Cloud storage advantages

You might wonder why you should be using cloud storage instead of a physical server. The main benefit of storing your data in the cloud is to avoid the costs associated with physical infrastructure as they cost a lot to set up and to maintain.

On top of that, SharePoint interface is simple and easy to learn which require little time to adapt to and won’t confuse you. Deploying a cloud solution is pretty simple and SharePoint already has a tool to help you migrate your data.

With SharePoint you won’t have to worry about backing-up your files as there is a recycle bin where your files go when they are deleted and will stay there for 90 days before being definitively deleted. So if you accidentally delete important files, or any files for that matter, you can go to SharePoint’s recycle bin to restore it.

While using SharePoint, you will be able to access your files from anywhere by using the Microsoft online portal, you won’t have to use a VPN again to access your files from outside the office.

Integration with other applications

SharePoint is a cloud storage solution that works with other Microsoft applications to make your life easier. SharePoint collaborates with OneDrive and Microsoft Teams in several different ways as we will see below.


If you are using one of the business plans for OneDrive, which means plans with more storage space than the basic plan, OneDrive uses SharePoint to get the expanded storage that you requested this includes the recycle bin that protects your files from accidental deletion. To restore your files in OneDrive, you will need to go through the Microsoft online portal to access the recycle bin.

Microsoft Teams

When ou create a teams in Microsoft Teams and that you upload files in the app client, a SharePoint is created to host the files assigned to the team and it offers the same features as mentioned before.

Cloud storage : in conclusion

As we saw in this article, using cloud storage, and especially SharePoint, has a lot of advantages and is pretty simple to do.

If this article convinced you to switch to cloud storage, but you are not sure on what is the best way to proceed , don’t hesitate to contact us as we can help you plan and execute your migration to the cloud. SharePoint and cloud storage are not the only services that we can help you with (insert links to other blog articles)